Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Life as an Author and Teacher: A Writers' Lens Interview

The field of education is as diverse as the students we teach. For the sake of steady employment it is necessary for teachers to pick one or two subjects and focus solely on them. As such, they will become experts in the field and sought after as good candidates. Although there is some security in focusing only on one or two subjects, creating a broader perspective beyond science, English, and math may be more beneficial in the long term. The more ways we can connect with our students, the better the probability we can reach them and encourage their learning engagement.

The art of teaching is, of course, a matter of style and preference. As such, I would never try to tell someone how they should conduct their classrooms anymore than I would tell a mother how to parent her child. But, suggestions might be made.

Slowly over time the articles you will find on this website will become more and more in depth once my experiences actually hit the classroom and full pedagogy immersion is achieved. 

One of my subjects that has been a life-long passion and is currently a focus is English and writing. I definitely dream of connecting with my students in the literary field - sitting down with them and dissecting the many times complicated English language and structure.  As a writer, I have a unique advantage with syntax,  editing, and content development which I can bring to the classroom. And so getting to know me personally may help in this endeavor. 

Recently I had an opportunity to meet T.W. Fendley at a St. Louis Writer's Guild event. Teresa is an award-winning author who writes within the genres of sci-fi and fantasy. Her books capture many fascinating elements like the Mayan civilization and the future worlds of the 31st century. You can explore her world at

After chatting with T. W., she invited me to be a guest on her blog. I invite you to explore her world through her publications of The Labyrinth of Time and Zero Time. Here are a couple videos to help you visualize her passion:

Giving our students a taste of modern writing is a fabulous thing because as authors we have access to all sorts of technology. In our day and age writers can bring their literary works to life in ways that have never been achievable in our entire human history. Like Teresa, I too hope to reach audiences young and old with the hopes of instilling this same passion. Here, as well, we have far greater opportunities to reach our students and audience.

I invite you to check out The Writers Lens blog interview of myself at this link:

Here is a little snippet of the article:

"What is your writing process? How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life? 

I am putting these two questions into the same answer block because they are definitely connected. I have a relatively large family with 6 children – 3 are still living at home. I work a full-time job as a chef in a local university and I have also been going to school to be a Middle School science teacher. I am a very happily-married man who is very fortunate to be able to walk this life with my soulmate. I maintain 3 blogs, a monthly newsletter, write professionally, and I am in the midst of 3 more books. My time is incredibly limited and must be strictly managed. Now, you may say, “You have far too much on your plate. Perhaps you should whittle things down and focus only on a couple items.” I could. But I am passionate about everything I do."

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